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Odds and ends.

After living in Miami for almost 30 years (holy shit), I can safely say, I hate hot weather. But I don’t hate it as much as hot weather AND humidity.  Not that I’m packing my bags and getting ready to move up to where I’ll be shoveling snow for several months in the winter.  Although, it might actually be the one way I’ll get off my ass and do anything remotely close to exercise.

It’s 95 degrees outside right now.  Thanks to the humidity though it feels like 104!  Sure I’m inside now, but that walk from my car to my apartment when I get home is going to feel like I’ve stepped into the mouth of hell.

Thankfully, my air-conditioner is working.   I was going to have it replaced, but it turns out that the quick fix the repair guy made last week should last at least until the end of the year.  I hope so.  I’m not looking forward to another night in a hot apartment!

I had to take my girl Czarina to the vet last week.  She had some tummy issues and when the vet looked in her mouth, she had a little ulcer.  So he sent me home with some meds and I saw him again on Saturday for Czari’s follow up appointment.  I really miss the gang’s usual vet, but I like this guy.  I think he’s going to work out really well for my gang.  He’s nice, seems very open to natural foods and didn’t push the crappy food they sell on me.  He also didn’t charge me for the follow-up, so yay!

As for my social life.   It’s looking pretty bleak right now.  I keep getting emails and “winks” from this one site I’m on, but I can’t open the emails unless I’m a member.  Sorry, I’m not going to pay $25 for a months subscription just to see who’s emailing me.  Unfortunately, the free sites don’t seem to be offering much either.  Oh well.

I really shouldn’t care.  Either way, right now all I care about is keeping myself above water.   The business is there but my boss hasn’t found any new clients.  The man hasn’t brought in a new client in almost 2 fucking years!  At first, he was just ignoring the whole thing.  Concentrating on his stupid job as a commissioner and running around with his girlfriend.  He finally woke up last year around the time the economy took a shit.  Great timing huh?  All I can do is try to put money aside and hope the bottom doesn’t fall out from under us.

I need a nap.  If I knew for sure my boss wasn’t coming back, I’d totally lay down and take a little snooze.  The last time he caught me on the floor snoozing I used the excuse of not feeling well because I had my period.  I don’t think that will work twice. 🙂

Posted by: Wicked Cats | May 24, 2010

You’re never where you thought you’d be.

I say this because, at least for me, I never actually thought I’d be living my life the way I am.

As a child, I always thought I’d be like my parents.  I’d grow up, get married have some kids and be happy.  As I grew older, I realized things don’t always work out as you would like them to as a child.

My mother was diagnosed with cancer when I was around 10 or 11.  From then until she died our lives revolved around trying to make her better and comfortable.  So much so, we moved from Michigan to Florida, because in Florida she would have someone to spend time with her while my father worked.  I will forever be thankful to my aunt for making that possible.

When my mother died, things were difficult for a while, and my father and I were constantly at odds.  After I graduated, I decided I wanted to be a photographer.  I went to the community college and took art and photography classes.  In high school and college, I was a very good artist.  I loved to draw.  And at the end of my semester in photography, my teacher said I had a bright future ahead of me if I continued.

I went to community college for about 2 years on and off, but I needed to work, to help my father with bills.  So, I dropped out.  My dreams changed, and I thought I can always go back to school.  I then met Tony, at the time he was the first and only boyfriend I had ever had.  To this day our three and a half years remains the longest relationship I’ve ever had with a guy, and looking back now, it really ended six months into our being together.

Still, I wanted to marry him and have kids.  When things ended between us, he left me and moved back to Gainesville.  It was during this time Hurricane Andrew blew into Miami, and I wound up living with my aunt.  My car flooded, and all of my artwork and photo’s I’d taken were damaged and lost.  I never really drew again.  For several months, I pined for Tony.  Always making plans to move to Gainesville.  I’d even ordered several newspapers from the area to look at the job situation.  I visited him during Thanksgiving and spent over $300 on Christmas presents for him.  On New Years I finally realized, my wheels were just spinning, and nothing would ever, could ever come of us.  So, I moved on.

My brother was married, my dad had remarried, my cousins were married, everyone in my family was married.  My brother and cousins began to have kids and I was happy and excited because I thought my turn would come soon.  It was when I was about 35 that I really realized having kids may not happen.  At 41 I knew for sure kids were not in my future.  I no longer have the patience or desire to give that much of myself.  That and I would not have a child as a single woman.  Not that I have a problem with being single and having kids, but I know how hard it is for single mothers.  It’s hard enough for me to support myself now, I can’t even imagine having to support a child also.  Sure I’d probably have help from my dad, but he’s retired and it would not be fair to burden him and his wife with having to take care of my kids or even help me monetarily.

So, my dreams have changed.  I thought by this time in my life, I’d be married with 2 or 3 kids.  I’m fine with not having children.  For a long time, I mourned the kids I would never have, but now I’m okay with it.  I have my beautiful cats, whom I absolutely love and spoil to no end.  Those little furry four-legged creatures are my kids, and I have no problem saying so.  I adore them.  As for marriage, well I still would like that.  At the very least, I’d like to meet someone who I can share interests with, do fun things with, and enjoy life with.

I sit here at work and wonder how to go about getting to the point of not dreading coming to work.  I know, it’s time for me to go but, that’s easier said than done.  I would not be able to support myself right now if I changed jobs.  For now, I stay here.  But, I”m keeping my eyes open.

Sure I wish there were some things in my life that were different.  Like, my mother still being alive, or my having kept up my pursuit of photography, or even if I hadn’t met Tony.  But because those things happened, I have met the people I know today.  Every relationship I have, be it in person or over the internet I would not have, if anything in my life had not been the way it was.

No, I’m not where I thought I’d be, but I am where I am supposed to be.

For now…:)

Posted by: Wicked Cats | May 20, 2010

I’m in such a rut!

I really wish I had another option in the job department.  I’m grateful to even have a job, I just wish I had another job.  Something I liked, something I wasn’t so bored with, something that really would make a difference somehow.

I might be able to find something like that, but the problem is, no way would I be able to support myself on the salary.  I make pretty decent money, and that’s only because my boss and I have been working together for so long and he trusts me with the business.  So much so I’ve got signing rights on the company bank account and access even to his own personal bank account.

He’s a douche-bag, but he’s a trusting douche-bag.  I’d never find another job that would pay me this much, without a college degree and entry level.

My ideal job?  Working in some way with animals.  I’d love that.  Or doing something creative.  I don’t know what, but something lol.

Oy, what I need is to win the damned lottery!  Riiiiiight.  What are the odds?

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Who needs a plumber, I’ve got diapers!

Yes, you read right, diapers.

Ever since I moved into this apartment, the sink in my bathroom had a very slow drain.  I don’t really use the sink much, since I brush my teeth and wash my face in the shower.  Last Sunday, I got some hair dye in the sink, so I tried to wash it off and the water wouldn’t go down.  I poured Liquid Plumber AND Drano.  Nothing.  That fucking water didn’t budge.

Today I’d had it.  I’ve had the gangs upstairs litter box out of the bathroom, and kept the door closed.  I didn’t want them to get into that sink.  The smell of the chemicals and stagnant water was starting to creep down the stairs.  My only option was to unscrew the pipe under the sink.  Um, no.  I’ve done that before, a few years ago when I dropped my contact lens down the sink.  I found the lens, but the mess was gross.

I decided, okay, I’ll get a turkey baster, suck the water out and clean the sink and plug it.  Went to the Ross across the street, no turkey baster.  Went to CVS which is next door, nothing.  I walked around for a while, then it hit me.  Really, it literally hit me.  They were stocking up the diapers and a couple of the packages fell off the shelf and on me.  Hey, if diapers can soak up pee while a baby sleeps then it can suck up the water in the sink!  Yes, I could have used tampons or pads, but the diapers were on sale.

Well, I bought the diapers, came home, put on some rubber gloves and 10 diapers later, the water is gone BABY!!!!  YEAH!!!!!  Believe me, the diapers were way less messy than taking those pipes apart.

Posted by: Wicked Cats | May 6, 2010

I’m not ashamed to admit it…

my cat is smarter than me.

Oksana, to be specific.   Since November of 2009 my poor girl has been suffering with cystitis on and off.  It comes about every 2 months or so.  I’ve taken her to the vet several times, and they have never found anything wrong other than her bladder is inflamed.  The vet and I believe now it’s Idiopathic Cystitis, which means it’s cause is unknown and possibly stress or anxiety related.

I believe this to be what she has because Vlad and Maks drive her nuts.  Oksana is a cat that likes to keep to herself.  If she’s not in the mood for company or being touched or even looked at she’ll let you know it, and not nicely.  Vlad and Maks see this as a challenge and they bother her to no end.  So it’s no surprise she’s stressed out.

I spoke to the vet and she’s looking into medication that will A. help with the bladder issue and B. help with the stress/anxiety.  I told her it needs to be if at all possible in cream form, because trying to give Oksana a pill is like trying to stop that Gulf oil spill with a wine cork.  In a word…Impossible!

The first time she got it, I had to give her these huge pills.  I opted for just taking her to the vet every day for 10 days and having them do it.  Yeah, she was wailing like a banshee.  It was after this first episode that she acquired the huge red dot on her records folder.

The second time, they gave her a liquid antibiotic to help with the swelling and the vet told me to give her Cosequin.  During the visit I asked if they could give her the first pill and I’d take over the next day, since it was a capsule.  They went through 3 pills, she pooped on the exam table, she scratched the vet and her red dot got even bigger.

This last time, I gave her antibiotics for a few days.  She knows when I’m giving it to her.  Even if I hide the dropper.  She hides under the bed, then runs out the opposite side I’m on.  Then runs to the kitchen, and jumps up onto the top of the cabinets.  Which means I have to get the step ladder, get on the counter, grab her while she’s screaming and growling, step down the counter to the step ladder, wrap her in a towel then give her the medication, half of which goes on me.

I also decided to give the Cosequin another try as well as giving her the Xanax that didn’t work to calm Vlad down for his vet visits.  The Xanax wasn’t too difficult.  They are small, and when you split them even smaller.  She loves cheese, so for at least a few days I was able to hide the pills in cheese, until she got wise to me.  I tried sticking the pill in her food, but she’d just eat around the pill.  Crushing it isn’t really an option, because as I’ve learned with the Cosequin, it’s a crap shoot.  She may or may not eat her food.

So, I’ve settled for a happy medium, sort of.  For treats I buy them kitty crack, a.k.a. freeze dried chicken treats.  Halo makes these and are packaged as Liv-a-littles.  There is also another brand called Real Food Toppers.  I buy these and grind about half of them in my coffee grinder.  This allows me to sprinkle it over their food, and Voilà, they eat it.

Of course this doesn’t mean I’ve put one over Oksana. No, far from it.  When I feed them, she and Vlad usually sit on the counter, on opposite ends.   She watches me, I swear she does this to see if I’m doing anything to her food!  I literally have to wait until she looks the other way to put the Cosequin in her food, and then at the speed of light mix the food and make it “look” like the other little food mounds on the other plates.  Then I sprinkle a little extra of the chicken crack on her food.

Some days I win, some days she eats around the area the pill is mixed in.  This morning I had a small victory and and she ate most of the food mixed with the Cosequin.   Tonight, we’ll see.  I’ll tell you, I felt like an ass standing there at the counter, pretending to do something else as I looked at her out of the corner of my eyes, waiting for her to turn her head and not see me add the stuff to her food.

So yes, my cat is smarter than me.  Anybody got a problem with that?  Huh?  Pfft, I didn’t think so.

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I would have preferred a simple drive by.

Some of you know I’m doing the online dating thing.  Or, in my case the “How NOT to find a nice guy” thing.  Honestly, I can’t say I’ve met one guy that isn’t either shallow, looking for a booty-call, freak in disguise, or just plain indecisive and rude.

Maybe it’s because the sites I’m on are free sites, but I refuse to pay $30, $40 and $60 a month for Lord knows how long just to date someone.  Yeah, maybe they’re better quality nut-jobs but I’m not willing to part with my much needed cashola.  I’d rather buy myself a blouse, or a new pair of shoes, or get the gang something other than my sofa to file their nails on.

So anyway, the reason for this post.  About a week ago, on my birthday to be exact, I had a coffee date with someone.  We met at this Starbucks near my place.  He had several things going for him.  He didn’t lie about his height first of all, and he looked just like his photos.  He was nice and we had a really nice flowing conversation.  He asked me for my number and even asked where my blog was located.   So I thought I’d just met a nice guy who I could get to know further.  Someone who liked movies and eating out and having good conversations.

I emailed him the following day, and thanked him for meeting me. Then he asked me for my blog address, which I gave him.  Um…yeah.  I never heard from him again. Which is fine.  I mean I really didn’t have much more than a couple of hours of my time invested in the guy.  I thought he either was just being “nice” asking for my number, or he read my blog and decided I just wasn’t what he was looking for.  I have no problem with the latter, but hey we’re adults here, do me a favor and don’t ask me for my number if you aren’t going to use it. I could care less if you call me or not, but don’t pretend to care.  I’m not a big phone talker anyway.

Now, I’d all but forgotten about this guy, when this morning as I was on my way to work, I hear a car next to me honking after my light turned green.  I looked over and this guy’s looking at me, all smiles.  “Hey, I know you!” he says.   So I waited a few seconds trying to remember if I knew this guy, then realized it was the guy I met a week ago.   I smiled and waved, he pulled in behind me when we got to the next light and I waved again.

As I drove off I thought, “Why did he even bother?”  I never heard back from the guy, he could easily have just driven past me and I would never have even recognized him or thought about him ever again.  But he felt the need to be cute by honking at me and saying something funny?

I’ve been in that situation in reverse.  Whether it was me who never called back or it was me who was never called, I just don’t even bother, I just keep on driving or walking by.  I think doing that would be less rude.

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The gangs vet is leaving!

I’m so upset.  I go to a clinic that has various vets.  It’s a wonderful 24 hour facility.  I usually take the gang to one particular vet, she’s amazing!  I love this woman.  She’s so nice, and is so caring and gentle with my cats, and her other patients.  She’s also always been so open to different treatment options and is so patient with me when I ask her questions.  She’s been seeing all of my gang since they were wee things.

She’s leaving to take care of her mother in California, who was just diagnosed with breast cancer.  She told me this past Thursday, when I took Maks and Kiska in for their yearly wellness exams.  She told me that she hopes to come back, once she knows her mom is doing well and will be okay with her treatment.

I can’t tell you how sad I am.  I feel bad that her mom has cancer and really hope she gets better.  But I hate the thought of her not being my gangs vet.  I hope it’s just temporary.  I can’t tell you how hard it is finding a really good, caring vet.

There is another vet that works there I like.  She’s seen a couple of my cats when I haven’t been able to wait for their vet to be on the work schedule.  This lady is very nice and I had always thought she would be the second choice for my gang, and of course now that Dr. Wenzl is leaving I guess the gang will start seeing her.

I’ve also got Oksana not feeling well.  She’s got cystitis again, and seeing as this is like the 3rd time in as many as 6-8 months, I am coming to the conclusion that it may be “idiopathic cystitis.”  Which means that she gets the usual signs, and swelling in her bladder, but there is no infection/bacteria to speak of so the cause is not totally known.  This is triggered by a few things, two of which are stress and anxiety.  I totally believe this is the issue.

Oksana is forever dealing with Vlad’s bullying.  To be clear, Vlad bullies, or tries to bully the others as well.  But, Maks submits to him, Czari swats at him and Kiska fights back.  Oksana doesn’t do any of that.  She will cower on her back, paws up, nails out and hisses and screams.  This of course eggs Vlad on.  If she fought back like the other girls, he’d pretty much walk away.  I’ve decided to try medication for anxiety.   I think if she is less stressed out, she will be more relaxed and even possibly stand up for herself.  I’m really hoping so because I hate knowing she’s in pain.

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A doggy summer

This video is super cute.

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I knew it was too good to be true.  Last night I was talking to the new guy and it just got a little strange.  Here’s the thing, when we talked on Monday over the phone I asked him what he did for a living.  He basically went through his entire job history and finally told me he was recruited by this new company/movement.  When I asked him about it he said he wasn’t supposed to talk much about it and that his parents didn’t even know.  He told me that he was going to be in charge of a really large amount of people and that many famous people I’ve heard of are involved.  Honestly, I thought he was just blowing smoke up my ass like guys will do sometimes to look interesting.

At dinner on Tuesday we went to a Japanese sushi place.  I ordered vegetables tempura and he said he couldn’t eat fried food.  I asked why and he told me, “they” suggested he stop, and that he slowly start taking meat, grains and fried foods out of his diet.   At that point I just sort of looked at him and asked, “Is this Scientology you’re involved in or something?”

He laughed and said no, that this was something really cool and they were going to start a movement to move people toward a more greener way to live, and that they were going to be involved in changing laws.

Okay, again, I figured whatever.  I decided to finish eating my dinner and file what he’d just told me in my “thinkabutitlater” section of my brain.

Fast forward to yesterday.  We emailed a few times during the day and then on my way home I called him.  He told me a friend of his dropped off some movies and asked if I was interested in seeing any of them.  I told him I really just wanted to stay home, and relax.  He offered to come over, I said I really just wanted to go home, shower, have something to eat and just veg by myself with my cats.  He sounded disappointed but said to call him if I changed my mind.  I didn’t.

Around 8:30pm, I decided to send him a picture of me holding my kitty Kiska.  He called me at 9:30 to thank me and tell me it was a cute picture.  Then the bomb dropped for me:

J – Well they just left.

Me-Who your friends?

J-No the people I’m working with.  That’s why I didn’t answer you when you sent your picture.  They’ve been here and I’ve been doing research for the last 2 hours.

Me-Research about what?

J-The work I’m going to be doing.

Okay, by now I’m really getting annoyed.

Me-You know, this all sounds very clandestine.

J-Why do you say that. (and he said it in this odd way like a kid who was caught doing something he’s trying to hide.)

Me-Well, it’s all just so hush-hush.

J-I told you about what I’d be doing as best I could.  I’m under orders not to talk to anyone about this until we are ready to launch.

At this point I’m thinking this guy is either joined some friggin cult or some kind of terrorist environmentalist movement.  Seriously, sirens were going off in my head.  Then he asked me what I was doing today, Thursday. I told him I had to take two of my cats to the vet, and he asked if I’d given any thought to what I wanted to do for my birthday, since he’d told me he wanted to take me out.  I said I hadn’t thought about it, then said I had to go take my meds and we said our good-byes and I hung up.

I can’t tell you how many things were going on in my head.  I mean come on, what the fuck can be so damned secretive he’s got to be so secret agent man about everything?  Like who the fuck am I going to tell that could usurp his plans?

No, just…no.

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One for the “save” pile.

I actually met a nice guy.  At least, he seems nice so far.  We met online, of course and started emailing.  Turns out we have quite a bit in common and the best part, he’s got cats of his own and loves cats!  He’s actually got 4 inside the house and 2 that belong to his neighbors, but he feeds them and lets them hang at his place.

Last night we went to dinner.  I was feeling super bummed because yes, we are possibly going to lose yet another large client, and that’s really going to make things very bad for us.  Anyway, he took me do dinner and we had a really nice time.  We got along very well and he said he liked me.  He even said he wanted to take me out for my birthday, which was nice of him.

He picked me up at home, because he wanted to meet my cats.  I watched him with them and he was very nice to them.  After dinner he asked me if I wanted to meet his cats, and I said yes.  So, we stopped by his place, he’s got a cute townhouse, and I met his kitties.  Very sweet furrybutts.  After that, he drove me home.

I’m not really attracted to him physically, but he was really nice on our date.  And I really love the fact he feels the same way about cats that I do.  So for now, we can put him in the save pile.

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